About Us

UniFAHS is a leader in phage biotechnology and applications in Southeast Asia, providing key solutions rather than antibiotics or chemicals, from farm to fork to promote safety in food, feeds, animals and humans


A Pioneer in the application of phage technology to guarantee the sustainable production of safe foods, from farm to fork.


Addressing the shifting demands of consumers, UniFAHS will drive innovations in the field of phage technology to guarantee the sustainable production of safe foods. Our contribution to the global food supply will improve the health and wellness of Animals, People and Planet.


UniFAHS offers patented customized phage-based approaches to combat bacterial pathogens to:

1. Prevent food safety risks in the food industry, including meat, poultry & ready-to-eat foods.
2. Improve animal health and welfare for livestock (poultry & swine) & aquaculture.
3. Improve feed quality and safety for the feed industry.
4. Improve the economic returns on farms, while promoting sustainable solutions.

Phages Matter From Farm to Fork

Bacteriophages or phages are virus infecting bacteria, also known as bacteria-eater. Phages have the ability to attack harmful bacteria present in the food supply chain, without affecting useful bacteria. Since Phages are bacterial host-specific, they are safe for humans and animals and have been granted the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status by the US FDA.

With the shift of consumer demands towards the sustainable production of safer and healthier foods, UniFAHS has the unique opportunity to bring innovative phage technology solutions to the Agriculture sector, from farm to fork. By using our products, farmers and food processors will provide antibiotic- and chemical-free animal products to consumers, promoting food safety with the use of sustainable green solutions.

Our Products in the Pipeline

Poultry farm solution

A GREAT SOLUTION FOR SUSTAINABLE FARMING A patented customized phage-based solution used as a bio-feed additive by applying it in the drinking water for poultry in the farms to combat the right Salmonella serovars present in your farms. By reducing the need of antibiotics, this product will make you a recognized leader in the production of sustainable foods.


Meat processing solution

A GREAT SOLUTION FOR SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE MEAT PRODUCTION A patented customized phage-based solution used as a bio-food additive by applying it on the poultry meat at the meat processing facilities to prevent Salmonella contamination in your finished meat products. By reducing the need of chemical treatment, this product will make you a recognized leader in the production of sustainable, safe and quality foods.

Our product has been tested thoroughly in clinical studies on commercial broiler farms.

Salmonella was eliminated in both broilers and their rearing environment during one production cycle.

The Benefits of SalmoGuard and SalmoGuard Meat products

Ensuring no risk of Salmonella contamination from farming to processing to finished food products


1. Control Programs for Key Bacterial Pathogens

UniFAHS works closely with customers to identify the potential sources and diversity of pathogens

  • Salmonella
  • E. coli
  • Listeria
  • Vibrio

That are linked to safety & quality issues on farms, in aquaculture and in the food and feed industries.

“Our customized approach offers the best probability of resolving these issues.”

2. Phage Development Platform

The Unique Phage Development Platform used by UniFAHS is the result of more than 10 years of research.

Our products are customized using

- Advanced screening and testing processes.

- Combining molecular biology and genome sequencing tools.

- A series of safety (feed / food), toxicology and animal studies supplement of R&D process.

- Patented formulation process for optimum efficacy.

Innovative award

Silver Medal Award 2018
Novel encapsulated bacterlophage as a blocontrol agent

Unique Phage Team
Kitiya Vongkamjan, Ph.D. (Cornell Univ, New York)
Co-Founder & CEO

15 years in Phage Technology & Applications;
Director of Food/Feed Safety Lab
Chalita Wongpukdee, B.Sc. (Prince of Songkla Univ, Thailand)
Co-Founder & CMO

Marketing Director in Animal Feed &
Agribusiness (Domestic & International markets)
Vincent Guyonet, D.V.M., Ph.D., Dipl. ACPV
Director of Business Development

30+ years experience in Poultry and Animal Health sectors
Former representative Global Poultry & Egg sectors
(OIE, FAO, World Bank)
Mingkwan Yingkajorn, MT, Ph.D. (Fullbright, Harvard Univ)
Director of Technology & Application Transfer

15 years in Medical Microbiologist, Biosafety & Biosecurity
Advisory Board

Tom Aurand, Ph.D.
Over 40 years,
Ex-R&D Director, Land O’Lakes, USA
International consultant – Food & Feed industry

Chin How-Cheong, D.V.M.
Over 40 years,
Poultry & Veterinary Consultant
Ex-Senior Executive VP, JAPFA International, Singapore

Ruttayaporn Ngasaman, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Over 15 years,
Veterinary Public Health/ One Health

Chris Aurand, Ph.D.

Senior Expert – Innovation Development in the
Food and Agriculture Sector
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